Baby Octopus


My livejournal sadly asks, "Why don't you update me no more?!?"

Mostly because the people that I actually know are not so much on the livejournal no more.  Also, I've given over my friends page to Russian porn journals. So Ido read LJ somewhat regularly, just not as regularly as before, because it's not safe for work at all.

Anyway, I thought I'd actually post an update here, so people don't forget me...

I'm not deleting this journal though.  I've been updating this thing since 2002.

Zoner's Wedding...and stuff

So...I had a wonderful time at the wedding, it was a day well spent at EPCOT...or so I thought.

Somewhere along the line I ate something...something wasn't any of the wedding food, as no one else was iincapacitated as far as I can tell...I suspect it was the Udon noodles at the Japanese pavilion.

AnywayCollapse )