Not fact, totally expected

Pro-choice group shocked that health care legislation will work against them...

Now, that's my summary.  But at the moment, there is no federal funding for abortion anyway. (Unless those folks at Planned Parenthood were lying on their Medicaid reimbursement forms...)  And before the health care legislation passed, some parts of health insurance market were free from Federal control.

So...this is a very expected result of the "Affordable Care Act."  I certainly hate that abortion is such a hot-button issue at the federal level.  I'm one of those crazy libertarians that think the whole issue is the result of the constitutional dubiousness of Roe v. Wade.  (It's an unfortunate thing when morally right and legally logical fail to intersect.  But it is also unfortunate that the only things under the "penumbra" of the right to privacy are contraceptive devices, abortion and sex without any immediate financial inducement.)

So, I'm sorry that while fighting the right hand to keep it's laws off your body you let the left hand come around and grab you firmly by the uterus.  But hey, maybe you can get the Supreme Court to determine which health care services the Constitution says we must all have.  I'm sure that will work out just fine.
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I appeared to have embarrassed my ex-gf by knowing more about modern Israeli history and politics than her.

Should you ever read this, I'm sorry sweetie...

That said, I did learn that "Ultra Orthodox" is more of a political than a religious one.
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Woke up, still a little drunk, at 3 AM in a very nice hotel room in Miami.

This is going to be a long day of work indoctrination for sure.